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mandarinaranja's Journal

Básicamente, esto es para escribir cosas que no puedo subir a Fanfiction.net y para escribir cosas que no quiero poner en mi otro blog. Y para escribir en inglés, que es algo que nunca me he atrevido a hacer.

Basically, I made this journal to upload the stuff that I write and that I can't upload to fanfiction.net and to write stuff that I can't put in my other blog, because all my friends read my blog and sometimes they get angry for what I write. Also, I'm going to use this to write in English, something I've never dared to do. Sorry, I'm a coward!
I should write a bit about myself, right? I'm in 11th grade, I'm 17 years old and I love reading books and mangas. I started reading comic books recently. I spend my spare time reading and seeing movies, because I love movies (especially the bad ones, I always find something to love in a movie, even if it's just a quote; the only 2 kinds of movie I don't like are horror and gore). I enjoy writing, but I never do it in my free time, I always do it in class (I don't know why, but the boredom I feel has made write an amazimg amount of poems, songs, short tales and a comedy movie I'm currently filming with a few friends, it's a disaster, but we're having fun).